Top10 Tips On How To Choose The Right Domain Name For Your Business Or Website

For everybody who’s getting began online, you might find that it’s often difficult to get up and starting . Part of the complexity right out of the gate is choosing a domain name for your business!

I don’t know about you, but each time I need to come up with a team name or sign up for something, I freeze and panic coming up with something fun and catchy and one which I’ll remember. I’ve been Team Awesome 100 times already! How do I come up with a name that’s catchy, catchy, fun and memorable and catchy? Coming up with a domain name for your site is no easy task, but with this list, get the juices flowing we’ll! We’ll also cover common mistakes to make sure to avoid!

Since there is a sea of websites out there, you’ll need to look for a name that’s innovative and unique that isn’t already taken.


Know what your core product is and what sort of website you want to be. Are you a niche market and focused only on one particular product or service or are you able to expand beyond that eventually? Brainstorm the top 5 conditions or phrases that come to mind when you describe your business, product, or service. Once you have your top 5-10 keywords, you can start playing around with them. Pair them with certain words, add suffixes and prefixes, and consider synonyms for each.

For example, if you’re selling phone cases, you may consider using the expressed words, “case, cover, protector, shell, phone, mobile, etc.” play with these words until you find something awesome Then!

I would also head over to the Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool and play with certain keywords to see which words have the most search queries in a month. This is a little more advanced, but helpful when searching for keywords insanely. We have tutorials that cover these types of matters over on our website! Check them out here!


Be catchy, short, and memorable. Your domain name should be very simple to understand. It should be short and simple enough to remember.


Be sure to not choose something too near to anything else that’s out there. Try a Google search for the keywords or keyword you have in mind and see what pops up! If there are 5 rivals just like your name and all in the order you’ve written them, consider a synonym or something different entirely then. However, if there’s simply a couple articles that use your keywords in the physical body somewhere, then, you’re set probably.


Are you hoping to become discoverable by everyone who searches for your keywords in Google? Are you relying on traffic through searches organically? If this is the full case, then you’ll want to name your domain something that answers a common search query. For example, if you’re a phone case company, you may want to consider naming your internet site “”.

Or are you hoping to build a brand such as your own something or name unique? If this is the case, consider naming your web site PhoneClothes.mobileDesigns or These keywords will require a different marketing approach which will include more concentrate on banner advertising and word of mouth marketing.


Chances are that most single keywords are taken already, so you may consider creating your own word that’s not too obscure. You can:

  • Combine certain words like “YouTube” together
  • Use a phrase “DropBox”
  • Blend parts of two words together “Mashable”
  • Tweak a word grammatically “Flickr”
  • Add a prefix or suffix “Shopify”
  • Make up something “Odeo” altogether


If your domain name requires a high school spelling champion, you’re off to a bad start then. If your site is difficult to remember and tough to pronounce, you’ll have some troubles typing it. Avoid difficult to type letters! Some just simply aren’t able to type as well as others and have difficulty finding certain letters on a keyboard. these include “x, z, q, w, and p” This is because they aren’t typed as and are more difficult to reach with certain fingers frequently.


You might find that one of your greatest marketing efforts is through word of mouth advertising. If you have difficult time pronouncing the expressed word or phrase, you may be more forgotten easily. Be clever and unique to ensure that you are more memorable. I know it’s easier said than done, but you can look for some good ideas on, for example. Just think of when you meet someone for the first time and their name is unique, but not too difficult or foreign to pronounce. When they are heard by you say their name, your ears perk and have a spiked interest up. Try to be memorable in this real way.


When someone hears your domain name for the very first time, they should be able to guess what it is that you do or offer and what type of content may be covered on your website. This goes back to the difference between your two basic strategies. You can depend on search results which are more logical and clear, or you can count on more advertising and branding which require more explanation.


I usually make it a rule to stay away from all special characters including numbers, exclamation points, and hyphens. It makes things difficult when considering word of mouth marketing. Also, using numbers might cause confusion between the roman numeral vs the spelled out number.


Since your site will be timeless, you aren’t going to want to follow the latest fads or lingo in case they are obsolete or considered ridiculous in 5 years. Don’t use conditions that are likely to be outdated and confusing. There was a trend that comes to mind years ago that websites were naming themselves with “AAA” before their name in order to be at the top of the phone book. This is obsolete now completely. Don’t make the same mistake!


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