Developing an Effective Website for Your Business

With the growing global economy, it’s essential that business owners give some serious thought when developing a website to promote products and services.  Launching and maintain a strong web presence is also important in order to be considered a viable competitor.  While it may seem like daunting task, creating an effective website really doesn’t require much effort.   There are three fundamental components that shouldn’t be decided haphazardly when developing a website:  domain name, web host, and SEO content.

Domain Name

A professional domain name is the foundation for building an effective website.  A strong and related domain name is imperative for making a memorable first impression.   Not only does a simple, clutter-free domain name attract new visitors, but also search engine spiders generate such domain names when yielding search results.  Selecting a strategic domain name for a business venture also means that websites will rank higher among the popular search engines.

Some tips when choosing a domain name:

  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Avoid misspellings or unusual spelling of words.
  • Choose one that’s memorable.
  • Avoid replacing a letter with a number, character or symbol.
  • Try to use popular keywords and search terms included in the domain name.
  • Be creative adding uniqueness and originality.
  • Set the domain name apart from competitors.

Web Hosting

Choosing a dependable web hosting provider delivering the services and features necessary to manage hosting needs is often the most challenging aspect of managing an effective website.   A reputable hosting provider should offer features such as file hosting, control panel, e-mail, databases, file-backup, and security.   Affordability is also an important aspect to consider when opting for a web hosting provider.

For business and e-commerce website owners when choosing web hosting, reliability and security measures are two areas of valid concern.   It’s important to initially assess what a web host offers to users.  There are several ways to make an assessment to choose the best web host.  The first is to thoroughly read the details of network uptime rates; inquire about uptime guarantees.  Often, especially with shared hosting, severs become strained with the demand of multiple users sharing resources on a single server results in downtime; detrimental to e-commerce ventures.  Second, check to see if the web host offers cloud hosting.  If so, consider opting for cloud hosting because it delivers users impeccable uptime network time and enhanced security.   Also, the host’s policies and services regarding file backup and disaster recovery.  Finally, read customer reviews of each of the web host being considered.

SEO Content

After securing a domain name and trust-worthy web host, developing effective SEO content is vital to establish and maintain a strong web presence.  Implementing quality SEO content helps in ranking websites higher in search engine rankings as well as driving traffic and potential sale leads to online business ventures.

Examples of effective SEO content include keywords, keyword density, keyword placement and link building.  There are many free tools and services readily available to help with developing strategic SEO content.  Hiring a SEO guru is also a solution for managing and marketing SEO campaigns.


Unfortunately, many website owners soon discover that changing web hosting providers mid-course is often a nightmare.  Therefore, registering a domain name, securing a reliable web host that delivers the features and services necessary to support online ventures and implementing good SEO content is vital for developing and maintaining an effective business website.


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