How to Make a WordPress Website

Before you build a website, it is of utmost importance to know why you want to build the website for. Most non-profitable website can be easily created but if you are one who want to make money online, it is then a different ball game. You will find this website useful to help you make money with the help of a website by using tracking tool.

 1. Define your objective

When we advise our clients on the kind of websites that want to create, we usually start by defining their objective. Define the objective you want for your website as you need to have an idea what is your website for. Some people create a website for a general purpose like a hobby or a school project, while others are building websites for businesses or they want to start their own online businesses. You need to figure it out before you make your own website.

2. Identify your audience’s needs

If you are creating a personal website that can only be viewed by yourself, then there’s no need to identify your readers’ needs. But if you are making a website for your business, then you need to know exactly the needs of your target audience.

1) What information are your target audiences looking for?

2) How can you provide valuable information to them?

To be able to do this successfully, we need to do the most important thing – identifying the market. If we can identify our market correctly, we would be able to build the perfect information website for them.

3. Passive income strategies

Before you start, you probably want to think about your monetization strategies. If you are thinking about making your own products like fashion accessories, then you need to think about your inventory, delivery, order form, shipping, storefront. Selling products would be quite a hassle as you always need to deliver the products. There are of course other passive income strategies like creating a blog, selling advertisement space, or promote some ebooks, or promote other physical products and earn a commission, then all you need is just a simple wordpress site.

4. Strategy and planning

Before you start on your website, you need to research on your market landscape and competition. Market landscape means what are the niches in the market, what the keywords people are searching for, how is the competitors positioning the information in their websites.

With this careful planning, you can have a clear direction towards what your traffic and marketing strategies are. Things like whether should you launch a Facebook campaign, or buying banner ads, etc. With careful planning, then you will have higher chances to succeed.

5. Make a decision

As you have completed your research, you can choose with area to specialize in. For example, if you are choosing the fitness market, you need to choose your niche – like you want to train people to develop more strength, or to develop better looking abs. You don’t want to work on different market at the same time because that would confuse your audience and spread your efforts thinly. After doing the research, you need to make a decision about creating the website.

6. Domain name and space for your website

1. Buy a Domain (this is the name of your website for instance,, or

2. Buy a Webhost

You can buy a domain and webhost straight from hostgator. I specially recommended hostgator because I have been using it myself. Even though there were some troubleshooting, but with the live support they provided, you can easily solve any problem at a very short span of time.

7. Build your website

If you are planning to build a website on budget, instead of building a website from scratch using programming language like html, you can build your website using WordPress which is a Content Management System in just half an hour time.

Unless you have a budget of thousands of dollars, then you can build your website with special functions and that may require other programming language like AJAX, Javascript, ASP etc. Your programmer would be able to enlighten you regarding this aspect of the building of your website.

8. Upload a theme or get a wordpress designer to design

You may thing that basic theme of your wordpress is boring, but do you know that there are many wordpress designs to enhance your website outlook? All you need to do is to change the banner design, add in your logo, or tweak a little, and your website is ready to go.

If you want a better design, you can always look for a wordpress designer and get them to design a personalized theme for you.

9. Creating Content

After you have uploaded your theme, it is time to create content and do basic copywriting for your website. This is one of the most important elements to create a successful website online. Only when you have awesome content, then the readers would appreciate your effort and have an interest in your website.

When you write your content, make sure that you provide VALUE to the readers. Not just selling to them or hard-selling but providing so much valuable information that they see you as an expert in the subject your website is talking about.

10. Attracting web traffic

After your content, it is time to do some marketing and get web traffic to your website. There are tons of ways that you can use to get traffic to your website but the key is to get targeted traffic to your website.

Here are some of the ways where you can do s0: search engine optimization, articles marketing, video marketing, facebook advertising, banner advertising, blogging, forum marketing, blog commenting, and much more…



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